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sbi po data analysis and interpretation questions

Question 1-5 :  The following pie-charts show the distribution of students of graduate and post-graduate levels in seven different institutes in a town.

Distribution of students at graduate and post-graduate levels in seven institutes


1. What is the total number of graduate and post-graduate level students is institute R?
A. 8320   B. 7916
C. 9116    D. 8099

2.  What is the ratio between the number of students studying at post-graduate and graduate levels respectively from institute S?
A. 14:19   B. 19:21
C. 17:21   D. 19:14

3. How many students of institutes of M and S are studying at graduate level?
A. 7516 B. 8463
C. 9127 D. 9404

4. What is the ratio between the number of students studying at post-graduate level from institutes S and the number of students studying at graduate level from institute Q?
A. 13:19 B. 21:13
C. 13:8 D. 19:13

5. Total number of students studying at post-graduate level from institutes N and P is
A. 5601 B. 5944
C. 6669 D. 8372

Question 6-8  :  The following pie charts exhibit the distribution of the overseas tourist traffic from India. The two charts show the tourist distribution by country and the age profiles of the tourists respectively

                       Distribution of Overseas Tourist Traffic from India.


6. What percentage of Indian tourist went to either USA or UK?
A.40 % B.50 %
C.60 % D.70 %

7. The ratio of the number of Indian tourists that went to USA to the number of Indian tourists who were below 30 years of age is ?
A.2:1      B.8:3
C.3:8      D. cannot be determined

8. If amongst other countries, Switzerland accounted for 25% of the Indian tourist traffic, and it is known from official Swiss records that a total of 25 lakh Indian tourists had gone to Switzerland during the year, then find the number of 30-39 year old Indian tourists who went abroad in that year ?
A. Rs.18.75 lakh      B. Rs. 25 lakh
C. Rs. 50 lakh          D. Rs. 75 lakh

Question 9-13 :  Two different finance companies declare fixed annual rate of interest on the amounts invested with them by investors. The rate of interest offered by these companies may differ from year to year depending on the variation in the economy of the country and the banks rate of interest. The annual rate of interest offered by the two Companies P and Q over the years is shown by the line graph provided below

Annual Rate of Interest Offered by Two Finance Companies Over the Years.


9. A sum of Rs. 4.75 lakhs was invested in Company Q in 1999 for one year. How much more interest would have been earned if the sum was invested in Company P?
A.Rs 19,000     B.Rs.14, 250
C.Rs.11, 750     D.Rs. 9,500

10. If two different amounts in the ratio 8:9 are invested in Companies P and Q respectively in 2002, then the amounts received after one year as interests from Companies P and Q are respectively in the ratio?

A.2:3                   B. 3:4
C.6:7                   D. 4:3

11. In 2000, a part of Rs. 30 lakhs was invested in Company P and the rest was invested in Company Q for one year. The total interest received was Rs. 2.43 lakhs. What was the amount invested in Company P?
A. Rs.9 lakh      B. Rs.11 lakh
C.Rs. 12 lakh    D.Rs.18 lakh

12. An investor invested a sum of Rs. 12 lakhs in Company P in 1998. The total amount received after one year was re-invested in the same Company for one more year. The total appreciation received by the investor on his investment was?
A. Rs. 2, 96,200      B. Rs. 2, 42,200
C. Rs. 2, 25,600      D. Rs. 2, 16,000

13. An investor invested Rs. 5 lakhs in Company Q in 1996. After one year, the entire
amount along with the interest was transferred as investment to Company P in 1997 for one year. What amount will be received from Company P, by the investor?
A. Rs. 5, 94,550     B. Rs. 5, 80,425
C. Rs. 5, 77,800      D. Rs. 5, 77,500 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Answer D D B D C B B D D D D C B

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