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English Language Questions Quiz Set 10 for IBPS/SBI/SSC

English Language Questions Quiz Set 10 for IBPS/SBI/SSC

Directions (Q.1): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical mistake /error in it. The number of that part of the sentence. Mark the number of the part with error as your answer. If there is No error’, mark 5)

1. There are many insurance 1)/disputes nowadays because of 2)/most people do not fully 3)/ understand the terms and conditions of their policies

4)/No error 5)


2. His comments came after / the research group said that 1 2its/consumer confidence index were/ slumped to its3 4 lowest levels. /no error 5

Directions (Q.3-7): In each question a sentence with two words/groups of words printed in bold type are given. One of them or both of them may have a certain error. You have to find out the correct word/group of words from among the four choices given below each sentence to replace the incorrect words/group of words and make the sentence grammatically correct and meaningful. If the sentence is correct as it is, mark 5),’ No correction required’, as your answer.

3. Many senior citizens are finding this difficult to affordable essential commodities today.

1) It-afford 2) much-afforded 3) still-be affording 4) their-afford

5) No correction required


4. He has raised some pertinent issues they require a serious discussion

1) pertinence-requiring 2) pertinent-which require

3) Pertaining-that requires 4) pertinently – will requires

5) No correction required


5. In order to be compete today a company should innovative

1) competing-must 2) competent-is 3) competed-should have

4) Competitive- should be 5) No correction required


6. While the company make great strides on the environmental front it has updated its HR practices

1) Make –will update 2) Making-updating 3) has made-yet update

4) Made – did not update 5) No correction required


7. Corruption acted as a disincentive for investment and harm economic growth

1) actions-harmful 2) actively-harm 3) acts-harms

4) Will act-harming 5) No correction required

Directions (Q.8-12): Which of the phrases (1),(2),(3) and (4) given below each statement should be placed in the blank space provided so as to make a meaningful and grammatically correct sentence ? if none of the sentences is appropriate, mark (5) as the answer.

8. ……, the soil today is nowhere as rich in native minerals as it used to be some centuries ago

1) As there is a growing consent among farmers regarding limiting the use of chemical fertilizers

2) As the chemical inputs in agriculture improved the yield many folds

3) Owing to the uninhibited use of chemical inputs in agriculture

4) Awareness among farmers regarding the side effects of chemical farming grew when

5) None of the above


9. Although information technology has entered the homes, offices and hearts of many citizens of India ………. .

1) India provides the highest number of IT experts to the world every year

2) Many people in rural areas still remain ignorant of its immense benefits

3) Government has done its best by funding research in this field appropriately

4) The face of communication in the years to come would change completely from by the gone years

5) None of the above


10. While the environment friendly-nuclear energy could make a large addition to the energy resources ………….. ,

1) Experts have a lot of expectations from this cleaner method of producing energy

2) The government is determined to extract maximum out of this technology in the near future

3) International lobby has been pressurizing the developing nations to shift their energy production from coal to nuclear power

4) The problem of locating adequate numbers of Uranium reserves to run the reactors is yet to be sorted out

5) None of the above


11. ……….. Experts proposed the idea of a common school system.

1) Overlooking the fundamental right of quality education of every child in India

2) Since the curricular requirements of a rural child is different from an urban child

3) based on the fact that difference in the quality of schools acts as a ground for discrimination

4) Since a large percentage of Indian children are getting free education

5) None of the above


12. As allegations of cores of rupees changing hands to permit illegal mining began to fly thick and fast,

1) Government ordered an enquiry which exposed a nexus between mine operators and bureaucrats

2) it caused great damage to the surrounding ecosystem and the environment in general

3) The officials have been irresponsible in failing to bring it to the notice of the court in time

4) The powerful mining lobby had bribed the officials to obtain permit for mining on ecologically sensitive land

5) None of the above

Direction (Q13-15): In each of the given sentences select the sentence which would either follow or precede the given sentence in grammatically and conceptually appropriate manner. The instruction is given at the end of every statement.

13. Unfortunately, however, these slum dwellers are looked upon by the society as an appendix causing ills in the urban society which of the following sentences would immediately proceed the above sentence?

1) Health officials have been warning the government against the transmission of contagious diseases from the slum areas to other parts of the city

2) Slum dwellers not only play a significant role in urban economy but also provide cheap labour for everyday work of the Cities

3) A recent report suggested that 34 percent of government land is illegally occupied by the slum dwellers

4) The slum dwellers live in sub human, unhygienic conditions in their tiny shanties and are very often hubs for criminal activities

5) None of the above


14. However, since the beginning of the nineties, free market forces have been allowed to play for ensuring all round development in Indian markets as well. Which of the following sentences would immediately precede the above sentence?

1) Entry of various market forces increased the competition faced by the indigenous organizations manifold

2) The severe shortage of newest technology and products in the late 1980s ended with the entry of foreign players in the Indian market

3) A major roadblock faced by the foreign investors was the poor infrastructural facilities which was however overtaken by the prospects seen in the huge market

4) India had been following a very selective and conservative economic policy during the late 1980s

5) None of the above


15. The foreign embassy has put forward a demand to the government that prosecution may be carried out on a foreign land and not in the country to which the terrorists belong.

Which of the following sentences would immediately follow the above sentence?

1) Army arrested the terrorists responsible for kidnapping four foreign tourists after a daylong operation

2) The foreign ministry has offered all possible help to the government for hunting down the terrorists involved in it.

3) Government has politely declined the request to handover the arrested terrorists for prosecution outside the country

4) The arrested terrorists were sentenced to life imprisonment after being prosecuted by a panel of international judges

5) None of the above

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