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English Language Questions Quiz Set 11 for IBPS/SBI/SSC

English Language Questions Quiz Set 11 for IBPS/SBI/SSC

Direction (Q1-2): In each of the given sentences select the sentence which would either follow or precede the given sentence in grammatically and conceptually appropriate manner. The instruction is given at the end of every statement.

1. This is because most of the institutes for higher learning lack the basic infrastructure, trained staff and equipment necessary for the physically challenged. Which of the following sentences would immediately precede the above sentence?

1) Many physically challenged people have been performing as well as other students perform in their studies

2) The percent of illiterate, physically challenged people in rural areas is considerably more than that in the urban areas

3) According to a recent survey, only two out of nearly 200 universities in India have adequate number of books in Braille

4) Although government has been making much provision to improve higher education in India, no attention has been paid to the education of the physically challenged students

5) None of the above


2. That was mainly because only two percent of the total farmers could actually comprehend the lengthy procedures to obtain the loan and be benefited from it.

Which of the following sentences would immediately precede the above sentence?

1) Many money lenders have been making the most out of this situation and providing loans to the rest of the farmers at inflated prices

2) There is thus an urgent need to make the schemes and policy as simple and farmer friendly as possible

3) A new loan scheme started by the government a couple of months ago proved to be a huge failure and utterly unpopular among the farmers

4) This situation can be improved by providing mediators to carry out and follow-up of the lengthy official procedure for the farmers

5) None of the above

Directions (Q.3-7): Which of the phrases 1),2),3),and 4) given below each statement should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct ? If the sentence is correct as it is given and ‘No correction is required’, mark 5) as the answer

3. A twenty-first century economy cannot be held hostage by power cuts not travel on nineteenth-century roads.

1) Cannot be hold

2) Can either be held?

3) Can neither be held?

4) Can either be hold

5) No correction required


4. The company’s Philosophies is to make sure that the employees are happy, have the ability to be intellectually stimulated and contribute towards their growth.

1) contribute to their growth

2) Contribute towards its growth

3) Contributes towards its growing

4) contribute to its growing

5) No correction required


5. Even though many companies are now penetrating rural India, it would help to give India a real chance of witnessing a double-digit GDP growth

1) Despite many companies are

2) As many company is

3) Besides many companies are

4) Since many companies are

5) No correction required


6. Today, governments are introducing more and more technology into their system to address the needs of citizens at a pace fast than that of manual operations

1) Faster than that of

2) Faster than those for

3) fast than that for

4) More than that in

5) No correction required


7. Making good school education a reality would require major changes in existing school system with expansion at both secondary and elementary level

1) Should requires major changes

2) Would requires major change

3) Must require some changes

4) Require major changes

5) No correction required

Directions (Q.8-12): Rearrange the following sentence (A),(B),(C)(D) & (E) and (F) to make a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions which follow:

A) In fact, according to mainstream economists, it is inevitable and a necessary evil in any economy

B) It is thus important for every nation to maintain this reserve of labour force to maintain an optimal level of unemployment

C) Unemployment is popularly believed to be an index which measures the economic condition of a nation

D) This is because it helps avert inflation by providing a reserve army of labour which keeps wages in check

E) The problem, however, only emerges when governments indirectly facilitate unemployment in order to curb inflation through various policies and frameworks, depriving a large population of its fundamental rights

F) But contrary to popular belief unemployment is not always disadvantageous to the economy of a state

8. Which of the following sentences should be the SIXTH (Last) after rearrangement?

1) A 2) B 3) C 4) E 5) F


9. Which of the following sentences should be the FIRST after rearrangement?

1) A 2) B 3) C 4) D 5) E


10. Which of the following sentences should be the FIFTH after rearrangement?

1) A 2) B 3) C 4) E 5) F


11. Which of the following sentences should be the THIRD after rearrangement?

1) A 2) E 3) D 4) F 5) C


12. Which of the following sentence should be the SECOND after rearrangement?

1) A 2) B 3) D 4) E 5) F

Directions (Q. 13-15): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find but the appropriate word/phrase in each case. The world is going (13) a deep recession .At such a time, one thing we need in abundance is jobs for the semi- skilled and unskilled. This is the only way in which equal (14) of wealth can take place. The healthcare industry is (15) poised to occupy this position. The IT industry hires people from the upper-middle strata and rick families, usually engineers, the health care industry hires nurses, to the tune of eighty percent of the jobs created, from the lower economic strata. Global health care is a $ 4.5 – trillion industry only to the agro industry. Even then health cares only eight percent of world’s population. Policy makers should at health care industry as not only an industry which addresses pain but also as one which can the economy. The last century was driven by machines that addressed human toil and it is strongly that this century will be driven by health care. This, however, will only happen if policy makers make a conscious effort to the right policies in place soon

13. 1) past 2) against 3) through 4) across 5) on


14. 1) earning 2) share 3) venture 4) delivery 5) distribution


15. 1) Commonly 2) ideally 3) indefinitely 4) preferable 5) invariably

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