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IDIOMS AND PHRASES : English prep set 2

IDIOMS AND PHRASES : English prep set 2 for bank exams : bankers guru adda

To change the colour

To shift the allegations to

To cut the Gordian knot

to be victorious

To have one’s heart in one’s boots

To be deeply depressed

To strike one’s colours

To surrender

To cry wolf

To raise a false alarm

To give one’s ears

To listen carefully

To hang up one’s hat

To make oneself comfortable in another person’s home

To get the hang of thing

To understand the meaning of it

To make a shot

To make a guess

A man of weight

A man of importance


In hurried disorder

To put one on one’s mettle

To rouse one to do one’s best

To ride hell for leather

To ride with furious speed

To speak daggers

To speak to a person with hostility

Be in the mire

Be in difficulties

To give a rap on the knuckles

To rebuke

Sum and substance


A drug in the market

Commodities no in demand



Moot point

A debatable point

Give a wide berth

Keep away from

Brought to light


Fits and stars


High and low


Intends and purposes


Rest on my laurels

Be complacent

Clinched the issue


Call a spade a spade

Be outspoken in language



Neck out

Invite trouble unnecessarily

Green eyes


Bird’s eye view

General view

Goes to dog

Is ruined

Keep a level head

Remain cool and composed

Turned the corner

Passed the crisis

Fishing in trouble water

Talking advantage of troubled conditions for personal profit

In high sprit


To rock the boat

Upset the balance

Tooth and nail

With strength and fury

Wee hours of the day

At dawn

Put the foot down

Not to yield

In the blues


On the wane

Growing less

Fair and square


Hole and corner method


Scream blue murder

Make a great deal of noise and object vehemently

Paint the town red

Have a lively time

Keep the finger crossing

Wait expectantly

At odds

In dispute

Make ducks and drakes

Squandered lavishly

No love lost

Intense dislike

Ride the high horse

Puts in airs

Pull a long face

Looks indifferent

Beside the mark


Send(one) about one’s business

To send someone away , usually in an unfriendly way

Run in the same groove

Advance in harmony

Wolf in sheep’s clothing


Chewing the cuds

To muse on, to chat , in an aimless manner

At ease


Cut corners

Simplify the producers

At the drop of hat

Without delay

Burning question

A widely debated issue

Paddle of own canoe

Depended on himself

At cross purposes

Misunderstanding of each other’s purposes

In raptures

Very enthusiastic

Out of place


Gets on nerves


Wear heart on sleeves

Exposing innermost feeling to others

Like a duck in a thunderstorm


Herculean task

Work required great effort

An eye to the main chance

Object to make money

Make flesh creep


Himself to himself

In unsociable

Leave high and dry

To leave some one unsupported and unable to manoeuvre

Call in questions


Means business

Earnest /sincere

A left handed compliment

An insincere

Once in a while


Kick heels

waste time

Lying down

To show no reaction

Gone down the drained


in the offing

About to start

Design on

To have plans to exploit or somehow take of someone advantage or


Queer fish

Strange person

Broken reed

A frustrated man

Gather roses only

Seek all the enjoyment of life

At sea


Lay by the heels

Chance and capture



Stick one’s neck out

To Take a risk

Mare’s nest

A false invention


Impertinent/disrespectful remarks

Bear in mind


To cut your teeth

To gain experience

Keeping up appearances

Maintaining outward show

Heads will roll

People will get into serve trouble

Little elbow


A bee in bonnet

An obsession about something

Gift of the gab

Fluency of speech

Turn hand

Adapt himself to

Fell flat

Had not effect

Gentleman on large

Has no serious occupation

White elephant


To let the bygones be bygones

Ignore the past

Come to the crunch

Decisive movement

Keeps a good table

Entertain guest sumptuously

Draw the long bone


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