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IDIOMS AND PHRASES : English prep set 3

IDIOMS AND PHRASES : English prep set 3

Send(one) about one’s business

To send someone away , usually in an unfriendly way

Run in the same groove

Advance in harmony

Wolf in sheep’s clothing


Chewing the cuds

To muse on, to chat , in an aimless manner

At ease


Cut corners

Simplify the producers

At the drop of hat

Without delay

Burning question

A widely debated issue

Paddle of own canoe

Depended on himself

At cross purposes

Misunderstanding of each other’s purposes

In raptures

Very enthusiastic

Out of place


Gets on nerves


Wear heart on sleeves

Exposing innermost feeling to others

Like a duck in a thunderstorm


Herculean task

Work required great effort

An eye to the main chance

Object to make money

Make flesh creep


Himself to himself

In unsociable

Leave high and dry

To leave some one unsupported and unable to manoeuvre

Call in questions


Means business

Earnest /sincere

A left handed compliment

An insincere

Once in a while


Kick heels

waste time

Lying down

To show no reaction

Gone down the drained


in the offing

About to start

Design on

To have plans to exploit or somehow take of someone advantage or


Queer fish

Strange person

Broken reed

A frustrated man

Gather roses only

Seek all the enjoyment of life

At sea


Lay by the heels

Chance and capture



Stick one’s neck out

To Take a risk

Mare’s nest

A false invention


Impertinent/disrespectful remarks

Bear in mind


To cut your teeth

To gain experience

Keeping up appearances

Maintaining outward show

Heads will roll

People will get into serve trouble

Little elbow


A bee in bonnet

An obsession about something

Gift of the gab

Fluency of speech

Turn hand

Adapt himself to

Fell flat

Had not effect

Gentleman on large

Has no serious occupation

White elephant


To let the bygones be bygones

Ignore the past

Come to the crunch

Decisive movement

Keeps a good table

Entertain guest sumptuously

Draw the long bone


Hold the enemy at bay

Prevented the enemy from coming near

To keep the pot boiling

Keep the controversy alive

Far cry

A long way off

Bolt from the blue

Sudden Sock

Win Hands down

Win easily

On and off

At intervals

With a high hand


Make no bone

Do without hesitation

Get hold of the wrong end of the


Misjudge the situation

On the wan


Cool as cucumber

Calm and composed

Catch 22

Absurd , a dilemma or difficult circumstance form which there is no

escape because of mutually conflicting of dependent conditions


In a disorderedly manner

Plough a lonely furrow

Do without the help of others

Great hand

Expert at

Heap coals on someone’s t head

Make someone feel sorry


Perfectly confident

Cuts both ends

Argument in support of both sides of the issue

Feather own nest

Act for won future benefits

Throw down the gauntlet

Challenge someone, Behaved as very great and important person

On tenterhooks

An anxious suspense

Ride rough shod over

Treat harshly

Do a good turn by

Do a favour

On its last leg

About to perish/expire

Heart out

Suffer silently

Have the mind

Have the willingness

Cushy job

Financial comfortable job

Now and then


Midas touch

Ability to success in all projects

Paint with bright colour


To set the Thames on fire

A heroic deed

On the wrong side of fifty

Over fifty years old

Out of question


Brought matters to a head

Create an atmosphere of confrontation

In a jiffy

In a hurry

Double dealing


Blow own trumpet

To tell other people how good and successful you are

Let the grass grow under the feet

Stayed out

Cut someone dead

To ignore someone totally

Make both end meet

Earn enough

Make light

Treat lightly

Wear the trousers


Hole and corner


Steal someone’s thunder

To lessen someone’s force

Yeoman service

Free, generous help

To the backbone


Lynch law

Law of the mob

Bitten of more than chew

Trying do to too much

Stalking horse

Trick , something that is used to hide someone’s real purpose

Make hay while the sun rises

Make the best use of a favourable situation

On the wane

Growing less

Lying down

Show no reaction

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