Sunday, May 15, 2016


31. Biennial – an event which happens once in two years

32. Blasphemy – the act of speaking disrespectfully about sacred things

33. Creche – a nursery where children are cared for while their parents are at work

34. Cosmopolitan – a person who regards whole world as his country

35. Chauffeur – one, who is employed to drive a motor car

36. Curator – a person incharge of a museum

37. Carnivorous – one, who lives on flesh

38. Cannibal – one, who feeds on human flesh

39. Contemporaries – belonging to or living at the same time

40. Cloak room – a place for luggage at railway station

41. Cynosure – centre of attraction

42. Connoisseur – a critical judge of any art and craft

43. Crusade – a religious war

44. Choreographer – one, who teaches dancing

45. Cacographist – a person, who is bad in spellings

46. Calligraphist – a person, who writes beautiful handwriting

47. Cynic – one, who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow men

48. Convalescent – one, who is recovering health

49. Cavalry – soldiers, who fight on horse back

50. Cardiologist – a person, who is specialist in heart diseases

51. Cartographer – one, who draws maps

52. Dormitory – the sleeping rooms with several beds especially in a college or institution

53. Drawn – a game that results neither in victory nor in defeat

54. Elegy – a poem of lamentation

55. Epitaph – words which are inscribed on the grave or the tomb in the memory of the buried

56. Ephemeral – lasting one day

57. Effeminate – a person who is womanish

58. Emigrant – a person who leaves his own country and goes to live in another

59. Edible – fit to be eaten

60. Egotism – practice of talking too much about oneself

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