Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Computer Awareness Quiz 2 for IBPS SBI Mains


Computer Awareness Quiz 2 for IBPS SBI Clerk PO Mains

1 . By default, your documents print in _ mode.
A.    Landscape
B.    portrait
C.    page setup
D.    print view
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2 . To find and load a file that has been saved _
A.    select the close command
B.    select the new command
C.    select the save command
D.    select the open command
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3 . Which function calculates the largest value in a set of numbers?
A.    Average
B.    Count
C.    Minimum
D.    Maximum
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4 . Which of the following statements is true ?
A.    Mini computers works faster than Microcomputers
B.    Micro computers works faster thank Minicomputers
C.    Speed of both the computers is the sae
D.    None of these
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5 . Selection of command
A.    opens the copy of the document in preview
B.    Prints the copy of displayed document
C.    Brings change in expansion of displayed document
D.    None of these
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6 . You organize files by storing them in-
A.    archives
B.    folders
C.    indexes
D.    lists
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7 . How many different documents can you have open at any one time ?
A.    No more than three
B.    Only one
C.    As many as your computer memory will hold
D.    None of these
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8 . What type of resource is most likely to be a shared common resource in a computer network?
A.    Printers
B.    Speakers
C.    Floppy disk drives
D.    Keyboards
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9 . Directory in directory is called-
A.    Mini directory
B.    Junior directory
C.    Part directory
D.    None of these
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10 . Such a pre-made document, which has coordinating font, layout and background, is-
A.    Guide
B.    Model
C.    Ruler
D.    Template
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