Monday, June 27, 2016

Reasoning syllabus for bank exams– IBPS,SBI Clerk PO

Dear Bankers Guru Adda Viewers , here find Reasoning syllabus for bank exams– IBPS,SBI Clerk PO

C.S.R (Common Sense Reasoning)

1. Problem Based on Alphabet Test
2. Series (Letter & Number)
3. Alpha Numeric Series
4. Logical Sequence of words
5. Mathematical Puzzles:
(a) Mathematical Input Puzzle
(b) Arithmetical Logical & Mathematical operation
6. Coding Decoding, Jumbled coding, Mathematical Input coding, Binary Coding
7. Analogy
8. Odd-One Out Classification
9. Blood Relation & Family Tree based puzzles, Symbol Coding based BR
10. Direction Sense Test – River Based, Road Based, Coding, Shadow based, Jumbled data base
11. Ranking Test – Position of object based questions, Interchange base questions.
Overlapping base questions, Comparison base questions, Ranking Puzzles.
12. Sitting Arrangement – Simple Complex

B. Pictorial & Non -Verbal Ability
13. Problem Based on Series

(Critical Reasoning High level Reasoning)
14. Logical Venn diagram
15. Analytical Sitting Arrangement
16. Coded Inequality
17. Syllogism
18. Premises and Conclusion
19. Statement & Conclusion
20. Statement & Argument
21. Statement & Assumption
22. Cause & Effect
23. Assertion & Reason
24. Inferential passage
25. Paragraph based critical thinking
26. Input Output
27. Puzzles
(a) Single Data Base Puzzles
(b) Binary Base Puzzles
(c) Multiple Data B.P
(d) Arithmetical Puzzles
(e) Network base Puzzles

28. Eligibility Test Decision making

1. Tabulation
2. Line-Graph
3. Bar Diagram
4. Pie or Circular Diagram
5. Case let
6. Mixed Graph
7. Data Analysis
8. Data Sufficiency

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