Wednesday, July 27, 2016

English Language Quiz 35 for IBPS PO

Direction (1-10) : In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks wit h appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully :
When I think of a woman who 41her own life to rescue  42people, or of a woman who endures persecution because she refuses to participate in injustice, or of a woman who permits herself to be 43and calumniated rather than 44a secret with which she has been entrusted, i feel a liking for this woman, i envy her , i would like to act in the same way. Perhaps i am unable to do so — under the same circumstances i would have  45. Those who lead a bad life do not fail to admire virtue, and sometimes they are the most exacting as to the virtue of others. For all that, i admire this woman; i think that she is a good woman, a righteous woman. At this point i have grasped the notion of the moral good.
If woman actions were 46events of nature, resulting from the interaction of the  47of causes at work in the world, there would be only the universe of nature there would be no ethical universe, no universe of morality. But woman actions are introduced into the world as the result of a free determination, as something which depends on an in iterative  48to the casual connections at play in the whole world, and taken by another whole which is my self, my own person, in such a way that I am responsible for it. I myself am the author of my action, be it good or bad.
I realise woman is an animal 49with reason, the form which is essentially required by her nature for her actions to possess fullness of being is the form of reason. A woman action is good, purely and simply good, or morally good, when it is formed by reason, or measured according to reason. Conformity with reason, or consonance with reason, that is, 50with what causes a woman to be a woman, is what causes a woman action to be good.

1. 1) endangers 2) deserve 3) protect 4) erected 5) separate

2. 1) kidnapping 2) stunning 3) assuage 4) expert 5) perishing

3. 1) consolidating 2) overtone 3) slandered 4) malice 5) resolved

4. 1) countered 2) led 3) determining 4) betray 5) weakening

5. 1) staggered 2) yielded 3) embittered 4) whipped 5)  opposed

6. 1) mere 2) furious 3) crucial 4) desperate 5) pushback

7. 1) precedent 2) tenor 3) desist 4) cartel 5) constellations

8. 1) alleging 2) substantial 3) perpetrated 4) irreducible 5) imperative

9. 1) credited 2) honoured 3) endowed 4) performed 5) deceitful

10. 1) conformity 2) interrogating 3) demonstrating 4) concerning 5) conducting


Answers :-


1.  1

2.  5

3.  3

4.  4

5.  2

6.  1

7.  5

8.  4

9.  3

10.  1

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