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Reasoning Ability Quiz 1 for IBPO PO

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information to answer the given questions. In a certain code language, ‘Anna is great social activist of India’ is written as ‘bee lee nee yee jee pee tee’, ‘India is great country’ is written as ‘pee lee yee dee’, ‘corruption free country’ is written as ‘oee dee vee’, ‘Anna is old’ is written as ‘jee lee fee’ and ‘remove corruption India’ is written as ‘vee pee loo’.

1. What is the code for ‘corruption’?
1) dee 2) oee 3) vee 4) loo 5) None of these

2. Which of the following is the code for ‘Anna remove corruption India’?
1) loo pee jee dee 2) vee jee loo nee 3) pee loo tee jee 4) jee vee pee loo 5) None of these

3. Which of the following may be the possible code for ‘Anna make corruption free country’?
1) dee vee oee jee pee 2) noo jee oee dee vee 3) vee oee dee nee pee 4) jee vee oee dee lee 5) None of these

4. What does ‘nee’ stand for?
1) social 2) activist 3) of 4) great 5) Can’t be determined

5. Which of the following is represented by the code ‘nee bee jee lee tee pee’?
1) Anna is great social activist India 2) Anna is remove corruption free country
3) Social activist great of country India 4) Anna is social activist of India
5) None of these

Directions (Q. 6-7): Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence form a grou p. Which is the one
that does not belong to that group?

6. 1) aGeNCY 2) BeNeaTH 3) JuMPeR 4) eSTiMaTe 5) NEuTRoN

7. 1) F 6 R 18 2) H 8 O15 3) L12 K 11 4) U21 W 23 5) P 15 Q 17

Directions (Q.8-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
A + B means ‘A is brother of B’.
A × B means ‘A is father of B’.
A – B means ‘A is sister of B’.
A ÷ B means ‘A is mother of B’.

8. Which of the following represents ‘A is cousin of C’?
1) A ÷ X + Y × C 2) D ÷ A + B + C 3) D ÷ A + Q × R + C 4) C + P × Q – A 5) None of these

9. What will come in place of question mark(?) if ‘A is paternal grandfather of R’? A × Q + T ? O + R
1) + 2) – 3) × 4) ÷ 5) None of these

10. Which of the following means ‘T is maternal uncle of V’?
1) T + U + V 2) T + U ÷ V 3) T + U – V 4) T ÷ V + U 5) None of these


Answers :-

(1 to 5)

Anna is great social activist of India bee lee nee
yee jee pee tee ... (i)
India is great country pee lee yee dee ...(ii)
corruption free country oee dee vee ... (iii)
Anna is old jee lee fee ... (iv)
remove corruption India vee pee loo ... (v)
From (ii) and (iii), country dee ... (vi)
From (iii) and (v),  corruption vee ... (vii)
From (iii), (vi) and (vii),  free oee ... (viii)
From (ii) and (v),  India pee ... (ix)
From (ii) and (iv),  is  lee ...(x)
From (ii), (vi), (ix) and (x)
great yee ... (xi)
From (v), (vii) and (ix)
remove loo ... (xii)
From (i), (iv) and (x)
Anna jee ... (xii)
From (iv), (x) and (xii)
old fee
Again, from (i)
social nee, bee or tee
activist bee, nee or tee
of tee, nee or bee


1. (3)

2. (4)

3. (2)

4. (5)

5. (4

6. (5)

All the groups of letters contain vowels in small letters  and  consonants  in  capital  letters..  Except option [5]

7. (5)

All the groups have letters followed by numbers which  are  their  positions  in  alphabetical  series. Except [5]. Because the position of ‘P’ in alphabetical series is 16.

8. (5)


9. (3)


10. (2)



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