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Reasoning Ability Quiz 19 for IBPS PO

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information and answer the questions given : Seven representatives of a company - Samir, Nita, Richa, Shweta, Gifty, Paul and Mohit travelled to three different countries i.e. South Africa, Australia and France. Each of them travelled on different days of the week (no two persons travelled on the same day), starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. Minimum two people travelled to each country and South Africa is the only country to which three people travelled.
Samir travelled to South Africa on Monday. Paul travelled to Australia but neither on Tuesday nor onSaturday. Mohit travelled on Sunday but not to France. The one who travelled to Australia travelled on Tuesday and the one who travelled to France travelled on Saturday. Gifty travelled on Wednesday. Richa travelled to South Africa but not on Thursday. Nita did not travel to France.

1. If everyone’s trip is postponed by one day, who will be travelling on Wednesday?
1) Paul 2) Richa 3) Nita 4) Gifty 5) None of these

2. Who amongst the seven representatives travelled on Saturday?
1) Shweta 2) Nita 3) Richa 4) Can't be determined 5) None of these

3. Which one of the following combinations is true according to the given information?
1) Paul - Thursday - South Africa 2) Shweta- Wednesday - France 3) Mohit - Monday - South Africa
4) Richa - Friday - Australia 5) None is true

4. To which country and on which day did Nita travel?
1) Wednesday - South Africa 2)Friday - Australia 3) Thursday – Australia 4) Tuesday - Australia 5) None is these


5. Who was the last one to travel?

1) Samir 2) Richa 3) Mohit 4) Shweta 5) None of these

6 . Effect:The temple at the religious site wears a deserted look with the number of devotees trickling down. Which of the following can be a possible cause of the above effect?
1) A structural engineer had visited the temple a month back and had declared the structure unsafe.
2) The temple is facing a drastic depletion of its funds which had accumulated over the years due to offerings made by devotees.
3) The local corporation decided to donate a huge amount of money to the temple for is renovation.
4) The village housing the religious site has qualified priests to perform religious ceremonies.
5) A famous actor recently visited the temple and paid his respects to the deity.

7. Statement:The Income Tax authorities carried out raids at three different business houses in the city last week. Which of the following can be a possible effect of the above statement?
1) The three business houses are regular defaulters in payment of their income tax.
2) The Income Tax department had received a tip-off about the illegal activities going on in the three business houses.
3) The Government decided to look into the matter and has appointed an inquiry committee.
4) Other business houses took immediate action to clear off all their income tax dues in order to avoid raid at their establishments.
5) The authorities intend to conduct raids in several other business houses in the vicinity.


8. Effect:As a step to regulate private hospitals, the state health department is framing rules to ensure all such hospitals are registered with it. Which of the following can be a possible cause of the above statements?
1) The department realized that private hospitals charge much less for treatment as compared to government hospitals.
2) Government-run hospitals do not maintain the same standards as private hospitals.
3) The department realized that several hospitals were rejecting cases stating lack of infrastructure.
4) Apart from the number of doctors, nurses and beds, the kind of procedure a hospital can carry out based on its infrastructure will also be registered and detailed.
5) Private hospitals not registering with the department shall be forced to do so and will have to pay hefty penalties.

9. Statement:The constable has been recommended for a suitable reward by his superior in recognition of his sincere duty and busting of several gangs of criminals activity involved in the lot and incidents of pick-pocketing. Which of the following can be an assumption implicit in the above statement?
1) The superior is certain that the recommendation would be denied.
2) The number of criminals apprehended by this particular constable was exceptionally high.
3) The constable desires to be monetarily compensated for his efforts.
4) The superior wants to set an example for his other juniors by recommending the reward.
5) Rewards recognizing the sincerity and accomplishments of policemen are given.

10. Statement:The college has finally received accreditation and has gained the status of a deemed university. Which of the following can be a possible effect of the above statement?
1) The principal of the college will now have to be a retired government official.
2) The number of students seeking admission to this college in the next academic year would drop significantly
3) The college will charge lesser fees from all it’s students despite not getting a grant from the government.
4) The college will reduce the number of courses that it runs by a significant margin.
5) The reputation of the college amongst the student population in general has improved.


Answers :-

(1 to 5)


1. 3; Nita will  travel on Wednesday
2. 1; Shweta travelled  on Saturday.
3. 5; None of the combinations is true.
4. 4; Nita  travelled on Tuesday to Australia.
5. 3; Mohit  travelled on  Sunday.
6. 1

7. 4

8. 3

9. 5

10. 5

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