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Reasoning Ability Quiz 45 for IBPS PO

Directions (Q. 1 – 3) :  Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions : The expectation level is soaring day by day among different segments of the economy stock, markets,  Industry, Trade, Multilateral Institutions and Foreign Investors. Businessman and CEOs have a single response to any question you pose "We are waiting for the next government'. This probably reflects their frustration with the outgoing dispensation and its policies which have not exactly been industry friendly. A survey report by ASSOCHAM shows that expectation of India Incorporation from the next government are sky high.
A) The new government should bring down prices, interest rates, create jobs and revive manufacturing in the next few months.
B) There is lot of expectations from the new government and there is a probability that it may fall  short which will in turn bring disappointment and disillusionment among the people.
C) There is no any magic wand to cure out the economic problem. A strong government first step in a long journey is to get the economy back on rails.
D) The new government must make an immediate reform in agricultural products chain so that the benefits can be felt by the end in the next few quarters.
E) To reduce income tax and to put more money in the hands of people to spend are the measures that may be taken by new government.
F) The challenges for the next government is to resolve the problems of urban poor who have not been benefited from poverty alienation schemes.

1. Which of the following among (A), (B), (C) and (D) may be an immediate course of action for the new government ?
1)  Only B 2) Only A 3) Only C 4) Only D 5) None of these

2. Which of the following among (A), (B), (C), (E) and (F) may be an obstacle or challenge for the new government ?
1)  Only E 2) Both C and F 3) Only D 4) Only B 5) None of these

3. Which of the following can be inferred from the given information ? (An inference is something that is not directly stated
but can be inferred from the given information)
1)  Only A 2) Only B 3) Both C and E 4) Only D 5) Only E


4. Social Networking website Facebook said that it had over 100 million duplicate registered accounts an its user base, as per its estimations. Which of the following may be an immediate course of action by the Facebook ?
1)  It will take an strong action against the individuals who are maintaining one or more Facebook accounts.
2) The percent age of duplicate account is higher in developing markets such as India and Turkey.
3) The Facebook will block all the duplicate accounts in all over the world.
4) Facebook may allow the users to open as many accounts as they can to gain its publicity.
5) Both 1 and 3

5. Three people on an average are killed every day in the capital while crossing the railway tracks, according to the data released by the Delhi Police. Which of the following can be  a reason behind these deaths according to the given information ?
A)  Most of the deaths occur because people have earplugs on, while crossing the tracks and are unable to hear the approaching train.
B) There is a lack of manned railway crossing which together lead to unmanageable commuters flow within the stations.
C) Railroad accidents are always caused by railway and drivers of high speed train.
D) Most of these deaths are due to the collision of trains.
E) Most common causes for run–over deaths are attempting to alight from the compartment before the train stops fully.
1)  Only A 2) Only B 3) Both A and B 4) All A, B and E 5) All A, B, C, D and E


Direction (Q. 6 – 10) : In each of the questions given bellow, which one of the five answer figure on the right should come after problem figures on the left, if sequence were continued :


Answers :-


1. 4; Reform in the agriculture sector will only help the farmers as in India as 70% of population lives in villages. B explains about the expectation. A explains about the major expectation from the new government. C economic reform will take some time.

2. 2; The challenges for the new government will be for the poor. E explains about the reform in income tax. A and B explains about the expectation from the new government.

3. 3; Only C

4. 5; Only A and C.
B and D cannot be an immediate course of action because
B talks  about the  duplicate accounts and  D is  not an relevant statement.

5.3; Only A and B (Substantiate the answer).
(Q. 6 – 10) :

6.  1; All  the  elements  moves  clockwise  one  step.  The number increase by 2 when it moves to next step.

7.  3;

8. 1; Both the top elements interchanges diagonally. The middle corner numbers are increased by 1 step. 1 ---> 2, 3 ---> 4 (Rule follows)

9.  3; All the elements move half step and rotate 45º  in clockwise direction.

10.  5; 1 ---> 2,                   3  ---> 4

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