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Reasoning Ability Quiz 60 for IBPS PO

Direction (Q. 1-2): Read the following information carefully and answer the question that follow. Pawan, Om, Rohit, Sahil, Tanisha and Varun all prepared sweets to gifts them in diwali viz, petha, Barfi, Laddo, Gulab jamun, Rasogulla and Kaju Katli. Each person likes to gift prepared sweets to different peoples ie.- relatives, frien ds, poor peoples, colleagues and neighbours, but not necessarily in the same order. One who gifts sweets to friends prepares Kaju Katli. Only Rohit prepares Barfi. The person who gifts sweets to poor peoples does not prepares patha and gulabjamun. Om and Tanisha neither prepares kaju katli nor gifts sweets to poor peoples. Varun prepares rosogulla.Pawan doesn't prepares Laddo. Om gifts sweets to colleagues. The person who gifts sweets to relatives prepares petha. The person who gifts sweet to poor peoples doesn't Barfi. Rasogulla is gifted to nobody.

1. Which of the following statements is definitely true?
1)  Varun friends - Rasgulla 2 ) Om- Petha – Colleagues 3)  Tanish- Petha- Relatives 4) Pawan - Kaju Katli - Neighbours 5) None of these

2. Who doesn't gifts sweet?
1)  Om 2)  Tanisha 3)  Rohit 4)  Varun 5)  Can't be determined


Direction (Q. 3-6): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions. The Killing of elephants has been increased significantly in India. India could lose 20% of its elephant population in a decade if current poaching levels are not slowed, animal conservation groups warned the authorities.As estimated 12,000 elephants were illegally killed across the country last year.
A) Elephant is now going to be an endangered species.
B) Strict Actions against the law offenders.
C) The forest and wild life authorities must increased the staff.
D) Saving elephants would be extremely valuable & necessary.
E) Government authorities failed to stop illegal killing of elephants, due to lack of efforts.
F) Disappearance of elephant is now increased significantly.

3. Which of the following can be a possible effect of the above cause?
1)  Only A 2)  Only C 3) Both D and C 4) Both A and B 5) only C, D and E

4. Which of the following among A), B), C) and D) may be an assumption according to the given information?
1)  Only A 2)  Only D 3) Both A and C 4) Both B and D 5) Both A and D

5. Which of the following among A), B), C), E) and F) can be an immediate course of Action.
1)  Only C 2)  Only E 3) Both B and C 4) Both A and F 5)  Only F

Direction: Read the following information carefully and answer the given question: Netherland is confident to win against India in Junior Hockey World Cup. The last year runner-ups Netherlands definitely starts as favourites against India in their opening match of the Junior Hockey world Cup. The coach and ward are confident of starting their campaigning winning note.

6. Which of the following may be the reason behind Netherlands confidence?
1) Indian team is very weak.
2) All the team are strong and anyone can win.
3) Netherland always wins their matches against India.
4) The Netherlands team is very tough and geared up for challenge.
5) None of these


Direction (Q. 7-9): Read the following information carefully and answer the given questions: A new study has warned that you and children who have easy access to an overwhelming amount of technology at an early age, fail to perform even simple task like using a pen or pencil. The  study, conducted,  found that  merely  one in  four and  people believed  that  Kids are  actually benefitting  from technology being used in nurseries. Only 70% of students met the expected standard.
A) Technology displacing the traditional methods of learning
B) Children needs up to the age 6 is real life in real space and time.
C) Children's are habitual of modern Technologies.
D) Now, traditional methods are outdated.
E) Access of technology causes kids to struggle in studies.
F) Technology may benefited the nursery kids.

7. Which of the following among A), B) D), E) and F) may be a strong argument in favour of Technology?
1)  Only A 2)  Only D 3)  Only F 4) Both A and E 5) Only A, B and F

8. Which of the following among A), B), C), D) and E) may be inferred from the given information?
1)  Only A 2)  Only B 3) Both A and D 4) Both C and E 5) Both B and C

9. Which of the following among A), B), C), D), E) and F) may be the consequence of the given information?
1)  Only C 2)  Only D 3) Both B and C 4)  Only E 5) Both B and D

Direction:  Read the following information and answer the given question. One of the first causalities of the increasingly fast-paced life in urban India is community life. People have less and less time to spend with family, neighbours or friends. Pressure at work and responsibility at home have eaten people's leisure time across the board in parks.

10. Which of the followings reasons is not true?
1) Due to family responsibility 2) Increased work pressures. 3)  Lack of facilities for a meaningful life in city. 4) Lack of open spaces. 5) None of these


Answers :-


1.3 ,  2.4

3.1: If the elephants disappear’s at that rate sooner they will be an endongered species.

4.2; If none of the elephant life is important and valuable, the information about elephant’s disappearance will not be required.

5. 3;  Increased  staff  and  strict  action  and  punishment against offender will resolve the problem somehow.

6.4; They are confident be cause they are prepared well for the tournament and also because they are always a tough competitor.

7.3; Only F suggests that technology is beneficial for kids.

8.2;  Childrens needs real time, three dimensional experience .

9.4; It  is  clear  that  access of  technology, cause  kids to struggle.

10.5; All of the given reason is true for urban not having time for community life.

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