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Reasoning Ability Quiz 61 for IBPS PO

Directions (Q.1-6): study the following information carefully to answer the given questions. Five women Rani, Kanchan, Roopal, Anushka and Kajal are born in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa and Kolkata. These women are working in U.P, Punjab, Delhi and two are in Haryana - not necessarily in the same order.  One women born and work in same state. Rani and Kanchan are neither work in Haryana nor they born in Delhi and Mumbai. Anushka and Kajal are neither work in Punjab nor in U.P and they are born neither in Bangalore nor in Kolkata. Goa is not the birth state of Rani and Roopal. The women who, works in U.P born in Goa. Kajal does not work in Delhi. Roopal does not work in Punjab and the women who, works in Punjab born in Bangalore.

1. Who born and works in same states?
1) Kajal 2) Anushka 3) Rani 4) Roopal 5) Kanchan

2. Which of the following pairs is the correct match of women and birth place?
1) Roopal, Kolkata 2) Anushka, Mumbai 3) Rani, Goa 4) Kanchan, Banglore 5) None of these

3. Who among them following works in Haryana?
1) Roopal & Kajal 2) Roopal & Anushka 3) Rani & Kajal 4) Rani & Roopal 5) None of these

4. Who among them following born in Kolkata?
1) Kajal 2) Anushka 3) Roopal 4) Rani 5) None of these

5. Bangalore is the birth place of which women?
1) Anushka 2) Roopal 3) Kanchan 4) Kajal 5) Rani

6. Who among them following works in U.P?
1) Roopal 2) Anushka 3) Kajal 4) Rani 5) Kanchan

Directions (Q.7-11): study the following information carefully to answer the given questions. In a certain code language 'you are doing good job' is written as 'pa ta ka mo la', 'they are playing good' is written as 'po zit a ka', 'they give him job' is written as 'ho zi ne la', 'what are they doing to him' is written as 'ta chi zi sy pa ne'.

7. What does 'ta' stands for?
1) you 2) they 3) are 4) doing 5) job

8. Which of the following is the code for 'give him good'?
1) zi ho ka 2) ne la pa 3) ho ne ta 4)ne ho ka 5) none of these

9. What does 'playing' stands for?
1) zi 2) po 3) ta 4) ka 5) none of these

10. What is the code for 'what'?
1) chi 2) sy 3) zi 4) ne 5) can't be determined


Answers :-

(1 to 6)



1.2 ,   2.  1 ,    3.1  ,   4.3 ,    5.5  ,    6.5
You are doing good job pa ta ka mo la ......i
They are playing goodpo zi ta ka .............ii
They give him job ho zi ne la ..................iii
What are they doing to him ta chi zi sy pa ne ......iv
From i, ii and iv, are ta ......v
From i, ii, good ka
From i and iv ,doing pa .........vii
From i and iii , job la .............viii
From ii ,iii and iv, they  zi ............ix
From ii, v, vi and ix, playing po .......x
From iii, ix and iv, him  ne ........xi
From iii, viii, ix and xi, give  ho .....xii
From iv, v, ix, xi and vii, what/to either chi or sy .....xiii
From i, v, vi, vii, and viii you mo ..........xiv

7.3   ,   8.4  ,    9.2  ,    10.5

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