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Reasoning Ability Quiz 72 for IBPS PO

1. If in a certain code language "PRAYERS" is written as "BSQXRQD" then how will "EXPORTS" be written in the same language ?

2. How many such digits are there in the number 6837941 each of which remains unchanged (at the same position) when arranged descending order ?
1) One 2) Two 3) Three 4) Four 5) Five

3. If the English alphabet series is written in reverse order and every alternate alphabet is dropped starting from 'Y' then which alphabet will exactly be in the middle ?
1) L 2) M 3) N 4) O 5) P

Direction (Q. 4 ) :Study the following information and answer the following questions:

4. TAME, FOOD, DEAR, LOVE , LUCK. If the letters in the word are first arranged in alphabetical order within themselves and then the group of letters thus formed are arranged as in dictionary, which of the above words would be in the middle of that arrangement ?

5. Shyam moved from his house to his school. He started walking west ward and took a left turn after walking 5km., then he walked 3km. and again took a left turn and walked 9km. and finally reached his school. How far and in which direction is his school from home ?
1) 3 km. East 2) 5 km. South West 3) 5 Km. South East 4) 3 km. South West
5) None of these

6. Pointing to a man in photograph, "Raveena said, " this man's only daughter is the wife of my brother's uncle's only brother". How is that man related to Raveena ?
1) Uncle 2) Father 3) Grandfather 4) Maternal Grandfather 5) Either 1 or 2

Directions (Q. 7-10) : In each of the question below, Four statements are given followed by conclusion/group of conclusions numbered I and II. you have to assume all the statements to be true if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts and then decide which of the given two conclusions logically follows from the information given in the statements.

Give Answer-1. If only conclusion I follows.
2) If only conclusion II follows.
3) If either conclusion I or conclusion II follows
4) If neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows.
5) If both conclusion I and II follows.

(Q. 7-8)
Statements :- i) All men are cats. ii) Some rats are cats.
iii) No cat is dog. iv) Some dogs are elephants.

7. Conclusions :- I) Some men are rats. II) Some rats are dogs.

8. Conclusions:- I) Some elephants are not men. II) Some rats are not dogs.

(Q.9 - 10) :

Statements:- i) Some flowers are petals. ii) No leaf is petal.
iii) Some leaf are plants. iv) All plants are roots.

9. Conclusions–:- I) Some flowers are not leaf. II) All plants are leaf.

10. Conclusion:- I) Some leaf are roots. II) All roots being plant is a possibility.


Answers :-




8.5; (I) All men are cat + No cat are dog = No men are dog. Now, No men are dog + Some dogs are elephants  = Some elephants are not men.
(II) Some rats are cats + No cat are dog = Some rats are not  dogs.

9.  1; (I) Some flowers are petals + No Leaf are petals = Some flowers are not leaf.
 (II) Some leaf are plants, so all plants are leaf is a wrong conclusion

10.  5; (I) Some leaf are plants + all plants are roots = Some leaf are roots.
 (II) All plants are roots - All roots being plant is a possibility is correct.


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