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Reasoning Ability Quiz 79 for IBPPS PO

Directions (Q. 1) : Study the following information carefully and answer the given question. In a certain code language 'Nokia has windows software' is written as 'su la ni ro', this software is very good' is written as 'ry mo su to ko', ' windows is performing extremely well' is written as 'zo ry cu da ro' and 'Nokia performing very beautifully' is written as 'la ko zo so'.

1. Which of the following is the code for 'software has extremely well' ?
1)  su, ro, da, zo 2)  cu, da, la, ni 3)  la, su, mo, zo 4)  cu, da, su, ni 5) None of these

Direction (Q. 2-7): Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below:-P, Q, R, S, Tand V are six students each belonging to a different city, viz, Delhi, Agra, Ghaziabad, Jaipur, Gurgoan and Faridabad, not necessarily in the same order. Each of them got selected in a different colleges of  Delhi University, viz, Hansraj, Ramjas, Venkateshwar, Hindu, Gargi and St. Stephen, not necessarily in the same order. Q belongs to faridabad but did not selectin either Gargi or Hansraj college. S does not belong either to Delhi or to Jaipur, but got selected in Ramjas college. The one who got selected in Gargi doesn't belong to faridabad. The one who got selected in  St. Stephens belongs to Jaipur V did not get selected in Gargi. Either R or V got selected in Venkateshwar college but neither of them belongs to Gurgoan or Jaipur. P belongs to Ghaziabad and he got selected either Hansraj college or Venkateshwar college. V doesn't belongs to Delhi.

2. Who among the following belongs to Gurgoan ?
1)  P 2)  Q 3)  R 4)  S 5)  Can't be determined

3. Who among the following got selected in Gargi college ?
1)  P 2)  Q 3)  R 4)  S 5) None of these

4. The one who got selected in Hindu college belong to which of the following city ?
1)  Delhi 2)  Jaipur 3)  Faridabad 4)  Gurgoan 5)  Agra

5. The one who belongs to Agra got selected in which of the following college ?
1)  Hindu 2)  Gargi 3)  Ramjas 4)  Hansraj 5)  Venkateshwar

6. Who belongs to Delhi ?
1)  R 2)  V 3)  S 4)  T 5)  Q

7. Which of the following combinations of student - city - college is definitely true ?
1)  V - Gaziabad - Hansraj 2)  R - Jaipur - St. Stephens 3)  R - Gurgoan - Ramjas 4)  S - Gurgoan - Ramjas 5) None of these

Directions (Q. 8-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the question that fellow . 2013 is a bad year for 1POs (Initial Public Offerings.) but a good year for MF (mutual Funds).
A) Fund's rising through IPOs touched record low in 2013.
B) Mutual Fund's includes debt and capital protection.
C) The market has really not been IPO - friendly.
D) Mutual Fund's clocked robust growth.
E) IPOs are not providing the valuation to promoter they deserve.

8. Which of the following among A), B), C), D) and E) can be a probable cause of above statement ?
1)  Only A 2) Only A, C and D 3) Both C and E 4)  Only E 5)  Only C

9. Which of the following among A), B), C), D) and E) may be a  possible reason for the growth of MFs ?
1)  Only B 2) Both C and D 3)  Only E 4) Both B and D 5) None of these

10. Which of the following statements numbered A), B), C), D), and E) has/have been assumed in the given information?
1)  Only C 2) Both D and E 3) Both A and D 4) Both A and E 5)  Only D


Answers :-



(2 to 7)


2.4 ,   3.3 ,   4.3 ,   5.5,    6.1 ,   7.4

8.3; IPOs not doing good because market is not, up to it right now and also it doesn’t provide good return to promoters.

9.  1; Mutual  Funds  provide  security  so  it  is  much  safer option to invest.

10.3; The assumption behind the statement is the IPOs in 2013 has touched a record low while the mutual fund’s is on record high.

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