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Reasoning Ability Quiz No 37 for SBI PO

Directions (1) : Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions: Six friends Rahul, Anand, Sunny, Raj, Ajay and Vinod are watching IPL Matches sitting at different places. They are supporting differents teams i.e. Delhi Daredevils (DD), Kings XI Punjab (KXI PB), Royal Challenge Bangalore (RCB), Sunrisers Hyderabad (SH), Kolkata Night Riders (KKR) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) not necessarily in the sameorder. Rahul is supporting to DD and Sunny supporting to RCB. Person watching Match in Mohali supporting SHand the person watching Match in Mumbai supporting to CSK. Ajay sitting in Ranchi. The person sitting in Delhi does not support SH, KKR and DD. Sunny is sitting either in Jaipur or Hyderabad. Raj is supporting SH.


1. Which of the following pair is correct ?
1) Rahul – DD 2) Ajay – KKR 3) Raj – SH 4) Sunny – RCB 5) All of the above


Directions (Q. 2 –6): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below : A word arrangement machine when given an input line of words and rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input and various steps of rearrangement.
Input :Violation resign declined insubordinate in university.
Step - I :In violation resign declined university insubordinate.
Step -II:Resign in violation declined insubordinate university.
Step -III:Declined resign in violation insubordinate university.
Step-IV: University declined resign in violation insubordinate.
Step-V:Violation University declined resign in insubordinate.
Step-VI: Insubordinate violation university declined resign in.
Step VI is the last step of the above input, as the desired arrangement is obtained as per the rules follow above, find the
appropriate step for the given input.
Input:Cabinet decision eldest assassination applications said.

2. Which of the following represents position of 'Decision' in step III ?
1) Second from left 2)  Third from right 3)  Fourth from right 4)  Third from left 5) None of these

3. Which step will be the last but one ?
1)  Step VIII 2)  Step VII 3)  Step VI 4)  Step V 5)  Step IV

4. How many steps will be required to complete this step ?
1)  Six 2)  Five 3)  Four 4)  Seven 5)  Eight

5. What is the position of 'said' in the last step ?
1)  Fourth from left 2)  Fifth from left 3) Second from right 4)  Third from right 5)  First from right

6. Which step is the following output ?

' Decision cabinet eldest said assassination application '
1)  Step III 2)  Step IV 3)  Step V 4)  Step VI 5) None of these

Direction (Q. 167–171): In each questions below are given three or four statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements, disregarding commonly
known facts. Give answer :
1) If only conclusion II follows. 2) If neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows.
3) If both conclusion I and II follow. 4) If either conclusion I or conclusion II follows. 5) If only conclusion I follow.

7. Statements : Every trains are engine. Some engines are motors. Each motor is electric.
Conclusion: I.Some trains are motors. II.All trains being electric are a possibility.

(Q. 8 – 9) :
Statements : Every mango are sweet. Some sweet are sugar.
Every orange are sugar. No orange are sweet.

8. Conclusion: I.Some sweet being orange is possibility. II.Some sugar are not sweet.

9. Conclusion: I.All mangoes are sugar. II.No mango is orange.


10. Statements : Only people are liar. Some liar are old. Many liar are smart.
Conclusion:- I.All old being smart is a possibility. II.Some people are smart.


Answers :-

(Q.162 –166):The machine arranges according to the number of  vowels in  the  words i.e.  The  word  which contain  one vowel will be put first, the word which contain two vowel will  be  put  on the  second places  and  so  on the  machine arranges the input.
Input : Cabinet  decision  eldest  assassination applications said.
Step  I:Said  cabinet  decision  eldest  assassination applications.
Step II  :  Eldest  said  cabinet  decision  assassinations applications.
Step  III  :  Cabinet  eldest  said  decision  assassination applications.
Step  IV:  Decision  cabinet  eldest  said  assassination applications.
Step  V:  Applications  decision  cabinet  eldest  said assassination.
Step VI:  Assassination  applications  decision  cabinet eldest said.

2.  2;    3.  4;     4.  1;   5.  5;   6.  2;

7. 1; From statement I and II :
Every trains are engine (A) + Some engine are motor (I) =
A + I = No conclusion. Hence, conclusion I Some trains
are motor does not follows.
From I and II : Some trains are motors is not true but
becomes true in case of possibility. So by some trains are
motor (I) + Each motor are electric (A) I + A = I (Some train
are  electric).  Which  does  not  follow  but  it  is  true  in
possibility. Hence, conclusion II All trains being electric
is a possibility is true.

8.  2;

9. 1; From statement (I) and (II) :
Every mango are sweet (A) + Some sweet are sugar (I) =
A + I ( No conclusion). Hence conlusion I does not follow.
From I and IV :
Every mango are sweet (A) + No orange are sweet (E) = E
( No mango are orange). Hence, only conlusion II follows.

10. 5; From statement I and III :
Only people are liar (A) + Many liar are smart (I) = A + I =
No conclusion but conclusion. All old being smart is true
is possibility. Hence, conclusion I follows.
From II and III :
Some liar are old (I) –> conversion  –>  Some old are liar (I)
+ Many liar are smart (I) = I + I = No conclusion. Hence,
conclusion some people are smart does not follow.

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