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English Language Quiz 76 for IBPS PO

Direction (Q. 61-70) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. It’s not that independent political movements with noble objectives have not been tried before in India. Loksatta is a prime example of an organisation that has done great work for years. But what’s happening in Delhi is incredible. With the AAP coming in a clear number two and decimating  the Congress, it is for the first time since N T Rama Rao led the TDP to an astounding election win in 1983 that a party formed a year ago has done so incredibly well. And finally, it also means that if strategies are executed well, what the AAP has done in Delhi can be replicated. Movements like Loksatta that have been slogging for years with pretty much the same objectives as the AAP — bringing in a citizen-led alternative to current political dispensations that are seen as  nepotistic and corrupt and which will not change; be citizen-led and democratic in functioning as opposed to dynastic rule, clearly will see more than a bright ray of hope in AAP’s showing. AAP made it big this time primarily thanks to the genius of Arvind Kejriwal, but also because of other factors like cloud computing, which has removed the need for expensive technology equipment to leverage technology and the power of social media. AAP used a solution called Voice Tree which took away the need to set up a massive call centre to make calls to citizens. Remember, political parties have long used recorded messages through cold calls, but that is eerie and perhaps counter-productive. What Voice Tree did was provide the AAP with the power to make any person, anywhere in the world, a volunteer for the party at a very low cost. A volunteer called a toll-free central number and from there, he/she was connected to a random Delhi number. Once connected, the volunteer could make a personalized sales pitch for AAP, a far more powerful spiel than a  canned message. And once made, the called number would be moved to a called database so that every volunteer had a fresh citizen to approach. Then there’s analytics. Political parties in India have used analytics for every seat, segment, etc,trying to figure out what works best at a hyper-local level. But analytics technologies didn’t come cheap. Today however, thanks to cloud platforms where a user only pays for the service rather than install compute equipment, expensive software, etc, literally anyone can use analytics and transform raw data into information that is valuable. The power of social media has also changed the game. The AAP no longer needed to go after mainstream media to ensure they carried AAP’s view points. The power of social media ensured that mainstream media had to go after AAP or risk losing relevance. In the Tarun Tejpal case, the power of mainstream media has been shattered by the advent of the social media, with its unfettered ability to set its own agenda on its own terms. No longer is it possible for mainstream media to decide what issues to discuss, and what to brush under the carpet. Clearly, much has changed over the past few years since organisations like Loksatta tried to make a difference. There are trends today that surely organisations like Loksatta are looking at closely in order to replicate AAP’s success.  However, this also means that while AAP became a big hit in Delhi, it may not succeed elsewhere where strong movements already exist, unless of course, the AAP wave is so powerful that all these organisations decide to stand under the Kejriwal umbrella.

1. What is meant by voice true solution ?
1) Service provider of web development which helps to set up a massive call for business advantage etc.
2) It's an outbound survey.
3) An emergency response notifies.
4) A solution designed to secure your mobile in a single application.
5) None of these

2. How a person can join sales pitch for AAP ?
1) Through an e-mail. 2) Through political approach.
3) Who's having a unique agenda. 4) He / she need to call on a toll free central number.
5) None of these

3. AAP has defeated to which of the following party ?
1) Bhartiya Janta Party 2) Telgu Desham Party 3) Congress Party
4) Other local parties 5) None of these

4. Which of the following is true about (AAP) Aam Adami Party ?
1) AAP has broken all the previous record of Congress.
2) The main motive of AAP is to bring Jan Lokpal Bill.
3) Because of media AAP got special attention.
4) All of the above.
5) None of these

5. What is / are the primary reasons behind the success of AAP ?
1) Independent Political Movement with noble objectives.
2) Due to well executed strategies and their implementation.
3) Support of political parties.
4) Approached to fresh citizen.
5) All of the above.

Direction (Q.6 -7) :  Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word printed in bold as used
in the passage.

1) Jive 2) Kept 3) System 4) Annihilate 5) Wondrous

1) Slaughtering 2) Confusing 3) Suggesting 4) Amazing 5) Enlisting


Direction (Q.8 -10) : Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word printed in bold as used in the

1) Fairness 2) Bias 3) Chip in 4) Present 5) Proffer

1) Free 2) Restricted 3) Monastic 4) Liberate 5) Release

1) Clone 2) Copy 3) Ignore 4) Depict 5) Engross


Answers :-

1.1 ,   2.4 ,   3.3 ,   4.5 ,   5.1 ,   6.2 ,   7.4 ,   8.1,    9. 2 ,   10.3

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