Saturday, September 10, 2016

English Language Quiz 86 for IBPS PO

Directions (Q. 1-10): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks wit h appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningful. Once upon a time, a baby girl appeared in a Churchyard of the city. Nobody knew who was she. But she was beautiful and was a good singer also. Everybody was (1) to win her love. So she declared that she will not marry (2) man. She (3) to be a property of that city and to make all happy with her song. Days (4) away peacefully. She was named 'Yeshu' as she was (5) in a Churchyard. Suddenly A Prince, came to conquer the city. All the men who were living happily with  the love of Yeshu, wake up and went to the warfront. Yeshu was sad to see the sudden change. It revealed a hidden (6) in the minds of those men to her. When the war was going on, she was walking alone in the garden. One day, a stranger came to her. He was young and handsome. He demanded her to (7) for him. After so many days she also wish to sing. That young man lived with her for some time. At the time of his departure he asked her to come with him. But she told him that she can't come with him as it is against her (8) given to the men of the city. then that man  (9) himself. he was Prince. She was surprised, but did not change her mind. She requested him to go back, if his love is true. After some days all men returned to the city. They called Prince a coward to run away from the war field. On the request of the People of her city, yeshu performed for them. But her mind was not present. Finally the day came when all came to know that yeshu went to Church and became Nun. It was a (10) by her to save her soul from the sin it attained by denying the true love of the prince.

1. 1) Embrace 2) Eager 3) Emulate 4) Fathomless 5) Haggard

2. 1) All 2) a 3) the 4) any 5) that

3. 1) agreed 2) amazed 3) distress 4) affable 5) appease

4. 1) pass 2) spent 3) expired 4) excerpt 5) went

5. 1) Innate 2) lied 3) found 4) appear 5) manifest

6. 1) malevolence 2) beast 3) Virulence 4) bestow 5) bliss

7. 1) perform 2) display 3) flash 4) precede 5) preen

8. 1) semblance 2) prodigal 3) word 4) exoneration 5) moral

9. 1) unfold 2) expose 3) open out 4) divulged 5) revealed

10. 1) stunt 2) deed 3) cause 4) ballgame 5) byplay

Answers :-

1.2 ,   2.4 ,   3.1 ,   4.  5,    5.3 ,   6.2 ,   7.1 ,   8.3 ,   9.5 ,   10.2

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