Wednesday, September 28, 2016

English Language Quiz 95 for IBPS PO

Direction (Q. 1 - 10) :- In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by
a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words
to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.
When my mother went to Assam state to be with my father, knowing my mother's love for coffee he thought it  (1)  to induct
her into savouring the pleasures of an  (2)  of coffees available in Assam. He brought different flavours of coffee. My mother
started to test them one by one. It was very light and had a  (3)  flavour, which she can characterise, at best, as distasteful and
as worst, as obnoxious. She also tried the other varieties, to find that each gave an odd smell. She wondered why they  (4)    kill
the true coffee aroma by polluting it with other flavours. While some were very light.
There was also 'de caffeinated' coffee, which she felt was tasteless coffee. Soon she came to know that there are other
types of grind like coarse, fine, espresso and so on which one can do in the mills set   (5)  in departmental stores. She gathered
that  (6)  these types of grind, however,  (7)  one who can not take all this bother  (8)  "Instant coffee" is a good option for them
learning about her endless search for a perfect cup of coffee, many relatives suggested variety of brands. She surprised when
the coffee turned out to be really good. She learnt that our country produces very high quality coffee which commands a  (9) 
in world markets. Coffee, too, is going green with "organic" coffee being available both in India and abroad. Having   (10)    several
varieties, she must confess her partiality for filter coffee with the standard mixture, well roasted and ground the Indian way. No
espresso machine in her view can ever compete with the good old filter to produce the perfect coffee.

1. 1) convert 2) fit 3) empower 4) attribute 5) overt

2. 1) verdict 2) assailed 3) commuted 4) assassination 5) assortment

3. 1) specific 2) local 3) restricted 4) regular 5) resembling

4. 1) implicit 2) ballpark 3) effectually 4) nearly 5) actually

5. 1) convened 2) up 3) regime 4) oblige 5) back

6. 1) with 2) impart 3) groped 4) allegedly 5) racist

7. 1) atrocity 2) miscreants 3) pelted 4) for 5) if

8. 1) to 2) of 3) the 4) yet 5) at

9. 1) copy 2) brand 3) eminent 4) exceptional 5) haggling

10. 1) paved 2) pirated 3) soaked 4) reformed 5) explored

Answers :-

1.2 ,    2.5,     3.1 ,    4.  3 ,    5.2 ,    6.1,     7.4  ,     8.,     9.2 ,    10.5

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