Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Reasoning Ability Quiz 104 for IBPS PO

Directions (Q. 1- 5) : Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below Eight persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting on a Square table. Four of them are looking towards centre of the table
only. H and G are not looking towards centre of the table. Four of them are sitting at the corner of the table. Only one person at corner is opposite of the centre of the table. G is looking towards North and is between D and C.F is looking towards west and is left hand side of G. There is equal distance between two persons. D is looking towards East South. F is exactly between D and E. A is immediate right of E. B and H both are not looking towards centre. B is exactly between C and H. The two sides of square must be vertical lines.

1. Find odd answer option.
1) AE 2) AC 3) GB 4) FB 5) DH

2. Which person is third left of B?
1) D 2) F 3) A 4) Can't be determined 5) None of these

3. Which of these options are correct?
1) H is immediate right of A. 2) E is immediate Left of F
3) Distance between A and B is similar to B and G 4) All of the above 5) None of these

4. Which of the following are sitting diagonally opposite to each other?
1) C and E 2) B and F 3) A and G 4) A and D 5) None of these

5. In which of the following pairs is the first person sitting to the immediate right of the second person?
1) BC 2) CG 3) GD 4) AH 5) None of these

Directions (Q. 6-7): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :

6. Delhi government has decided to import more grains from different states- A newspaper headlines Which of the above assumption/swill implicit?
1) The household expenditure will be decreased by 60%
2) Local grains sellers feel uncomfortable due to this decision
3) The price of grain may decrease.
4) People will vote to existing Delhi Government
5) Consumption of grain will be increased by 3 fold.

7. Statement A :There is a sharp decline, in the price of smart phones this year.
Statement B :The household expenditure of most of the lower middle class family is increased this year.
1) A is cause and B is its effect 2) B is cause and A is its effect
3) A and B both are causes 4) A and B both are effect of common cause
5) A and B both are effects of independent cause

8. Statement :Should Honour killing be legalized?
Arguments :
A. Yes because parents have no option of recovery of their prestige.
B. No, it is a sort of killing and killing can never be legalized.
C. Legalized killing can be possible only in the case of that youngster who is/are dangerous for society.
D. Nobody should be allowed to end any body's life because it is against the humanity.
Which of the following is a strong argument in the favour of Honour Killing ?
1) Only A 2) Only A and C 3) Only B and D 4) Only C 5) Only D

9. Statement :An inauguration of water park will be on 14 Oct. 2014. There is a great demand of ticket but every person seeking ticket of the water park will be given only two tickets.
I. The organisers do not want to sell maximum number of tickets.
II. No one is interested in getting more than two tickets.
III. Organisers want to stop black marketing of tickets.
IV. There may be limited space.
Which of these assumption/sis/are implicit?
1) Only I and II 2) Only II and III 3) Only III and IV 4) Only IV 5) Only I and IV

10. Statement :Girls are influenced more by Actresses now a days.
A. The Girls consider actresses as their role models.
B. Actresses have been more professional.
C. A large amount of girl's time is spent in watching movies.
D. Actresses are corrupt
Which of the above assumption/swill implicit?
1) Only I and II 2) Only I and III 3) Only IV 4) Only III 5) Only II

Answers :-

(1to 5)


1.5,     2.1 ,     3.4 ,     4.1 ,     5.4  ,      6.3 ,     7.5 ,     8.3 ,     9.3 ,     10.1

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