Thursday, September 08, 2016

Reasoning Ability Quiz 91 for IBPS PO

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information and answer the following questions : M, N, O, P, Q, R and T seven friends working in different companies - HCL, Ranbaxy, Wipro, DLF, Reliance, Tata and Samsung. Each of them has a different car viz Wagonr, Brio, Santro, Alto, Indica, Etios and Swift, but not necessarily in the same order. R works in Wipro and drives santro car. T drives swift car and does not works in Samsung. M works in Tata and does not drive either wagonr or Brio. O drives Alto car and does not work either in Reliance or Ranbaxy. P drives Indica car and works in DLF. Q does not work in Ranbaxy. N does not drive Etios. One who drives Wagnor works in Reliance.

1. Which of the following car does Q drives ?
1) Etios 2) Brio 3) Wagonr 4) Swift 5) None of these

2. In which company does O works ?
1) Reliance 2) Ranbaxy 3) Samsung 4) Can't be determined 5) None of these

3. In which company does N works ?
1) DLF 2) Ranbaxy 3) Samsung 4) HCL 5) None of these

4. Who drives Brio car ?
1) M 2) Q 3) T 4) N 5) P

5. Which of the following combination is true ?
1) T - Swift - Samsung 2) N - Wagonr - Reliance 3) N - Wagonr – Ranbaxy 4) O - Alto - Samsung 5) None of these

Directions (Q. 6- 10) : In each of the questions given below are two/three statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the given statement to be true even if they seem to be at Variance with commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements, disregarding commonly known facts. Give answer :
1) If only conclusion I follows.
2) If only conclusion II follows.
3) If either conclusion I or conclusion II follows.
4) If neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows.
5) If both conclusion I and II follow.

(Q. 6 -7) :Statements :-All chairs are papers. No paper is a coin. All coin are statues.

6. Conclusion:- I. No statue is a chair. II.All papers being statues is a possibility.

7. Conclusion:- I. No chair is a coin. II.All chairs being statue is a possibility.

8. Statements :- No window is door. some frames are doors. No metal is frame.
Conclusion:- I.No window is a metal. II.No door is a metal.

9. Statements :- All books are machines. All machines are pens. Some pens are erasers.
Conclusion:- I.It is a possibility that all erasers are books.
II.At least some Pens are books.

10. Statements :- All stones are birds. All birds are beautiful.
Conclusion:- I.All beautiful things being stones is a possibility.
II.Some birds are not stones.

Answers :-

(Q. 1-4);
R - Santro - Wipro
T - Swift - HCL
M - Etios - Tata
O - Alto - Samsung
P - Indica - DLF
Q - Wagonr - Reliance
N - Brio – Ranbaxy

1.3;       2.3;       3.2;       4.4;        5.4;        6. 2;        7.5       8.4;        9.5;        10.1;

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