Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Reasoning Ability Quiz 99 for IBPS PO

1. B's sister A is the daughter-in-law of C. B is the son of D. How is A related to D ?
1)  Son 2) Daughter 3) Son-in-law 4) Daughter-in-law 5) Either 1) or 2)



Directions (Q. 9- 10) : Read the given information carefully and answer the given questions : In the last quarter of 2013, the demand for diesel automobiles has been increased in comparison to petrol automobiles.
A) The available diesel models are cheaper than petrol cars.
B) Buying diesel cars is now a trend.
C) Petrol prices have been risen considerably during last year.
D) Most of the petrol cars are not considerable.
E) Diesel cars are better option than petrol cars.

9. Which among the following statements numbered (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E) can be a probable cause of the given information ?
1) Only A 2) Both A and D 3) Only C 4) Only E 5) None of these

10. Which among the following statement numbered (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E) can be an assumption of the given information?
1) Both C and D 2) Only E 3) Both B and C 4) Only A 5) None of these

Answers :-


4.3;      5.5;      6.5;        7.3;     8.2;

9.3; Option C, can be a probable cause, as customers
always prefer economically good options. That
is why, more people are preferring diesel models.

10.5; None of the given statements is an assumption
of the given information

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