Monday, October 17, 2016

Reasoning Ability Quiz 126 for IBPS PO

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below. In a board meeting seven board members are sitting around a rectangular table. The names of these seven members are Rajni, Rajesh, Ragini, Reshav, Ruchita, Rahul and Raj. One person sits on each smaller side and three persons are sitting on longer side and two persons are sitting on another longer side. Ragini is sitting to the third left  of Rahul, who is sitting on the longer side where two persons are sitting. Reshav is on one smaller side and Raj is to the third right of Reshav. Rajni is to the immediate right of Reshav. Ruchita is not near to Raj.

1. Who is sitting between Raj and Rajni?
1) Rajesh or Ruchita 2) Rahul or Ruchita 3) Ragini or Rajesh 4) Ragini or Rahul 5) Can't be determined

2. Who among of the following sits on the third left of Ragini?
1) Rahul 2) Rajesh 3) Raj 4) Raj or Rahul 5) Can't be determined

3. Who is between Rahul and Reshav?
1) Raj or Rajni 2) Ruchita or Raj 3) Rajni 4) Ruchita or Rajni 5) None of these

4. Which of the following pairs is sitting on that longer side where two persons are sitting?
1) Rahul and Rajesh 2) Ruchita and Rajni 3) Rahul and Ruchita 4) Rajni and Rahul 5) Either 3) or 4)

5. Who may be sitting immediate near to Ruchita?
1) Ragini and Raj 2) Rahul and Ragini 3) Reshav and Raj 4) Rajesh and Ragini 5) Rajni and Reshav

Directions (Q. 6-10): In these questions, relationship between different elements is shown in the statements. These statements are followed by three conclusions. Assuming the given statements to be true, find which o f the conclusions is/are definitely true.


Answers :-


1. 4 ,        2. 5 ,        3. 4 ,        4. 5 ,        5. 4 ,        6. 3


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