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Reasoning Ability Quiz 140 for IBPS PO

1. Madhya Pradesh once power deficit will be a power surplus soon. Which of the following assumptions is implicit in the above statement ? (An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted)
1)  Allocation of coal blocks.
2) Environmental clearance by the ministry and push up for the pending works.
3) The state has achieved as 11.02 percent growth rate in the last fiscal.
4) Only 1 and 2
5) State will help those states who have less electricity once it will be a power surplus state

2. Tomato prices are available at half of July 2013 rates and onions 9.5 percent lower than last year. Which of the following can be a probable cause(s)of the above phenomenon ?
A) The arrival of tomato is 4.5 % higher than what it arrived in the last year.
B) The arrival of Onion is 375 metric tonnes more than the arrival in the corresponding of last year.
C) The regulation of vegetables and 22 essential food commodities has been taken care through control of agricultural produce marketing committees.
1)  Only B 2)  Only C 3)  Only A 4) Only B and C 5)  All the three

3. The age between 15 and 29 is proving to be the most stressful period in the life of most people as the number of those committing suicide is the maximum in this group, the latest data by The National Health Survey has revealed. Which of the following may be a probable cause for the above statement ?
1) Getting good marks in the school and getting a college of their choice is a very big reason that drives most of the children aged 15–18 to depression.
2) Relationship issues are the most common reasons as most of the teens have their first love affair and probably the first break–up also in the same age.
3) Marriage and job issues also become a problem for people of this age group driving them to suicide.
4) Number of people shift to other cities for a job and sometimes are unable to deal with the loneliness.
5)  All of the above

4. Of the eight millennium development goals set by the United Nations, the first relates to eradicating poverty and extreme hunger, halving hunger by 2015. But most of the countries including India have not achieved tangible results on this front. What course of action should be taken by the government to halve the hunger at least by 2017–18?
A) Particular attention should be bent to states such as M.P, Bihar, Jharkhand and U.P. besides slum pockets in cities and tribal and rural bets in states, to rescue millions of underweight children.
B) The government of India must establish a National Authority of Hunger Elimination.
C) The ministries concerned with the food and agriculture, health, education, rural development, environment and finance must work as coordinating unit.
1)  Only A 2) Only B and C 3)  Only C 4) Only A and B 5)  All of these

5. Reliance Industries ltd (RIL) has reported 13.7 percent growth, on a consolidated basis, in net profit at  `5957 crore for the first quarter ended June 30, 2014 as compared to  `5237 crore in the same period last year. Which of the following can be  a probable cause(s)of the above phenomena ?
A) Oil and gas production business posted 27.3 percent rise in revenue.
B) The petrochemicals business performance highlights the strengths of the portfolio mix.
C) Company gas production from KG–D6 was 42 BCF a decline of 15 percent from the same period last year.
D) In the organized retail space the company revenue in quarter grew by 15 percent year on year.
1) Only D 2) Only A and D 3) Only A 4) Only A, B and D 5) Only A and B

Direction (Q. 6 - 10):With a week monsoon being anticipated, the government at the centre has intensified its action in dealing with what may be a drought situation in states via several programme. Production of khariff crops during 2014–15 is likely to be far below then the record output achieved last year. Food grain production in 2013–14 year stood at 264.38 tonnes of which 129.37 MT output was from khariff.
A) According to IMD, the rainfall situation may improve further and the country may get 93% of its normal rainfall thisyear.

B) To tackle the deficit rainfall situation, states have prepared district wise contingency plans in consultation with CRIDA (Central Research Institute for Dry land Agriculture).
C) The government may allocate additional budget under accelerated fodder development programme to rainfall deficit states.
D) The monsoon progress will be closely tracked by the RBI while reviewing monetary policy, as poor rainfall may drive up the retail inflation index.
E) India will lose top rice exporter state due to weak monsoon.
F) To meet any eventualities arising out of drought the government may introduce diesel subsidy scheme for providing protective irrigation to standing crops in the rainfall deficit area.

6. Which of the following has/have been assumed in the information in the paragraph given above ?
1)  Only A 2)  Only D 3)  Both A and E 4)  Only E 5) None of these

7. Which of the following statements may be a benefit to the farmers in overcoming the droughts ?
1) Only C 2) Only B 3) Only F 4) Both C and F 5) Only A

8. Which of the following statement(s) the argument given in the paragraph above ?
1) Only A 2) Only E 3) Only F 4) Only C 5) Only B

9. Which of the following statements may be a course of action to tackle the droughts ?
1) Only B 2) Only C 3) Only F 4) Both B and C 5) Only B, C and F

10. Which of the following can be a conclusion on the basis of the paragraph given above ?
1) Only D 2) Only A 3) Both A and D 4) Both E and D 5) None of these

Answers :-

1.4; Assumption 1 and 2 is implicit that why M.P will be a power surplus in the future. Assumption III does not substantiates as it talks about the growth rate in the fiscal. Assumption V is course of action once the M.P will be a power surplus.

2. 5; All the three points validates in making the price lower in the current year.

3.5; All points highlights the probable cause of suicide.

4.4; With proper attention to poor states and establishing a national authority can help India to curbing the hunger by fifty percent.

5.4; Only A, B and D helped the reliance to earn profit in the first quarter.


7.3; Point F can only be a benefit to farmer directly. While other points does not benefit the farmer directly.

8.1; Improve in the rainfall will boost the production. Point B talks about tackling the drought states.

9.5; All these points talks about in tackling the droughts.

10.5; The weak monsoon will replace India’s top position in the world.

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