Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 144 for IBPS PO

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Directions (Q. 1-5): Each question below is followed by two statements A and B. You have to decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient for answering the questions. Read both the statement and give answer :
1) If the statement A alone is sufficient to answer the question but the statement B alone is not sufficient.
2) If the statement B alone is sufficient to answer the question but the statement A alone is not sufficient.
3) If both statements A and B together are needed to answer the question.
4) If either the statement A alone or statement B alone is sufficient to answer the question.

1. What is the profit earned by selling a pen for `120 ?
A) The cost price of 5 such pens is equal to selling price of 4 such pens.
B) 25% profit is earned by selling each pen.

2. What is the salary of C, in a group of A, B, C, D and E, whose average salary is `12000 ?
A) C's salary is 2.5 times B's salary.
B) Average salary of A and B is `4000.

3. What is the area of the circle ?
A) The breadth of a rectangle is 3/4 the radius of circle.
B) The radius of the circle is equal to the side of a square of area 169 sq m.

4. What is the three digit number ?
A) 3/5 of a number is less by 90 of that number. .
B) 1/4 of a number is 25% of that number. .

5. What is the speed of the car ?
A) The car covers a distance 120 km in 4 hours.
B) The car covers a distance 210 km in 7 hours.

Directions (Q. 7-8): In each of these questions, two equations I and II with variable ‘x’ and ‘y’  are given. You have to solve both the equations to find the value x and y and give answer:

1) If x < y 2) If x  ≤ y 3) If x = y 4) If x ≥ y 5) If x > y

7. I. x2 = 9 II. y2 + 8y + 16 = 0

8. I. 4x2 + 10x – 6 = 0 II. y2 – 5y + 6 = 0

9. The radius of a copper sphere is 6 cm. The sphere is melted and drawn into a long wire of uniform circular cross section. If the length of the wire is 72 cm, then the radius of wire is ?
1) 4 cm 2) 4.2 cm 3) 2 cm 4)  3 cm 5) None of these

10. The ratio of length of rhombus is 3 : 4. Then, the ratio of the area of the rhombus to the square of the shorter diagonal is?
1)  3 : 2 2)  3 : 8 3)  1 : 2 4)  4 : 3 5) None of these


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